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Our services

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International Road Transport 

Do you export or import goods from abroad? We will arrange international carriage and transport throughout Europe, Russia, the Balkans and Central Asia for you.

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Express Carriage

Do you need to transport some goods and are you in a hurry? We offer express transport of goods throughout Europe, Russia and the Balkans.​

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Part Loads

Do you need to transport a load that isn’t large enough to fill an entire truck? Use the advantage of part-load transport! 

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Excessive Loads

The transport of large loads exceeding the maximum weight and size limits require obtaining a number of permits from local or state authorities. 

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Transport of Props and Materials for Music Productions and Art Shows 

We provide comprehensive transport services for the production of films, scenario development and film distribution, including moving, storage and insurance.

Our services

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We are a reliable Czech company without foreign capital, based on the expertise, experience and reliability. We always put the greatest emphasis on your needs and wishes.


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Are you interested in our services? Ask them today!

We will contact you and arrange detailed conditions for cooperation...

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