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Excessive and Oversize Loads Transport

The transport of large loads exceeding the maximum weight and size limits require obtaining a number of permits from local or state authorities. The excessive transport rules as well as the procedures for obtaining permits vary in individual European countries.

We offer transport of oversize and non-standard loads, including preparation of the routes, obtaining necessary permits, loading and unloading the loads. Our services also include the provision of escort vehicles and timing with respect to the maximum permitted speed. Contact us and we will arrange everything for you. Order your excessive load transport using the contact form or call us.

However, if you need to transport a load not large enough to fill an entire truck, take the advantage of part-load transport. Our pick-up service will save your time and money since you will only pay a proportion of the transport price.

We transport excessive loads to the following countries: Poland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

Send us details regarding the size and character of your excessive load and we will prepare a specific offer for you. Write to us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Do you need information about the technical parameters of excessive loads? Download the following guideline.

Files for download:

Predpisy_nadmerny_nakladExcessive load regulations (49,5KB)

Přeprava nadměrných a nadrozměrných nákladů


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