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Transport of Props and Materials for Music Productions and Art Shows

Cinderella – Musical on Ice
- Ukraine, 2014/2015 – https://www.popelkanalede.cz/en/

Musicals on ice are often mistakenly confused with ice shows, but they don’t have much in common except the ice surface. The difference is considerable. While figure skaters only demonstrate various forms of their dancing and acrobatic skills in ice shows, musicals on ice represent a synthesis of radio fairy tales, drama, music, singing and figure skating. Moreover, musicals on ice have their storylines, dramaturgy, stages and especially stories.

That is why musicals on ice undoubtedly belong to the category of the most demanding projects in the show business. Given the number of performers, technical and support staff, the demands of stage building, lighting and sound, and the huge space where they are performed, musicals on ice are equal to shows of similar nature such as mega concerts of world-famous singers and bands.

Bomar Spedice s.r.o. was chosen for this contract because of its high experience with similar types of transport. In addition to transporting costumes, a theatre stage set and decorations, the contract also required a special transport of pigeons (that performed in the show). Under normal circumstances, the Ukrainian customs service would get the pigeons quarantined for 10 days …

Our carriers managed everything and the musical marked a huge success.

Transport of Props and Materials for Film Productions

We offer services to film and documentary productions as well as radio and television projects, including related activities. Our services are flexible and aim to ensure a fast and reliable transport of props and materials for film productions. We provide comprehensive transport services for film productions, screenplay development and film distribution, including moving, storage and insurance. We provide transport services for foreign productions.

Přeprava rekvizit a materiálu pro hudební produkce a uměleckou show

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