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Company history

Dear business friends,

Allow us to welcome you on behalf of the BOMAR SPEDICE s.r.o. company management and thank you for your time spent on this page.

In 1993, an operation of an international forwarding company called Martina Čobanovová – BOMAR SPEDICE was launched offering services providing international road haulage to/from and all former states of theSoviet Union .

In 1997, we extended our operation by all-truck transportation of goods to the Balkans. We also started operation of a two-way pick-up route to and Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

In 2001, the legal form of our company changed, BOMAR SPEDICE s.r.o. company was established and we extended our operation by transports to/from Poland.

 We are a Czech company without any foreign capital share, based from the last century on the expertise, experience and reliability. In 2003, we completed our team and extended our operation to the entire EU and by transports between the EU and Asia .

In terms of personnel and technology, our team is capable to provide transport of all types of goods at the highest level.

We do not promise impossible, but our well coordinated team can accomplish even this ……

We would like to become your active assistants in execution of your business activities.

We look forward to our mutual cooperation leading to your satisfaction.

Martina Čobanovová and Ing. Manol Čobanov 
Company Executives

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