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International Road Transport 

Do you export or import goods from abroad? We will arrange international carriage and transport throughout Europe, Russia, the Balkans and Central Asia for you.

We have an extensive fleet and experienced drivers. We will arrange the appropriate export and import loading for you with respect to your needs. Use a professional transport company with more than 25 years of tradition.

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Express Transport

Do you need to transport some goods and are you in a hurry? We offer express transport of goods throughout Europe, Russia and the Balkans. Whether you need export or import, we will always find an optimal solution for your business. Speed, quality and reliability are guaranteed.

You will get a free calculation of our services, advice on the most appropriate ways of transport, and non-stop information about the current movement of your cargo.

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Part Loads

Do you need to transport a load that isn’t large enough to fill an entire truck? Use the advantage of part-load transport! How does the pick-up service work?


For a part load, you will pay only a proportion of the transport price. Simply speaking, you will share the price with other clients. This form of transport is popular thanks to its significant economic savings.

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Excessive Loads

The transport of large loads exceeding the maximum weight and size limits require obtaining a number of permits from local or state authorities. The excessive transport rules as well as the procedures for obtaining permits vary in individual European countries.

We offer transport of oversize and non-standard loads, including preparation of the routes, obtaining necessary permits, loading and unloading the loads. 

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Transport of Props and Materials for Music Productions and Art Shows 

We offer services to film and documentary productions as well as radio and television projects, including related activities. Our services are flexible and aim to ensure a fast and reliable transport of props and materials for film productions.

We provide comprehensive transport services for film productions, screenplay development and film distribution, including moving, storage and insurance. We provide transport services for foreign productions.

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Free to our services

calculations of transport charges

comprehensive transport solutions containing all warehouse and transport goods handling, including informational, managerial and controlling activities

expert consultations on the most appropriate ways of transporting your goods

selection of optimal routes and types of vehicles, non-stop current information about the movement of transported goods 

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